actual / Talent management - Natalija (part 2)
Natalija Tasovac has ended her 2-months long Australian tour with the singles record of 19 wins and 6 losses (in her Under-14 age group) and 6 wins and 5 losses (in Under-16 group). In total she played 53 matches (including doubles), won 2 tournaments, and reached two more finals and three semi-finals!

Natalija played in the following tournaments:

2008 W.A Junior Open, Burswood WA,
2008 Professionals Michael Johnson & Co Tennis Classic, Mt Lawley WA,
2009 Crosslands Midwest Junior Tournament, Geraldton WA,
2009 W.A. Metro Clossed Grasscourts (Metropolitan), North Perth WA,
2009 North Beach Junior Classic, North Beach WA and
20-20 Hensman Park Junior Tournament, South Perth WA.

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