17 November 2012 - Fresca Viva assists to place 'The Weight of Chains' film on Australian TV!
The much talked about Canadian documentary film 'The Weight of Chains' directed by Boris Malagurski will be screened in Western Australia. The contract was signed between West TV and Fresca Viva Pty Ltd, who represent Malagurski Cinema. The movie will be shown from 9pm on Saturday 17 November 2012 and will subsequently be replayed four more times over the next 12 months!

The Weight of Chains presents a new perspective on Western involvement in the division of the ethnic groups within Yugoslavia and claims that the war was forced from outside, while regular people wanted peace. However, according to the author of the film, extreme factions on all sides, fuelled by their foreign mentors, outvoiced the moderates and even ten years after the last conflict the hatred remains and people continue spreading myths about the 1990s.


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