16 June 2012 - 'Indian Extreme Pilgrimage' series replayed on request on WTV!
The Western Australian Television ('WTV') is rerunning the 'Indian Extreme Pilgrimage', the documentary series about religious practices and unusual rituals performed in India. The serial is produced by Nomadic Production from Belgrade and Fresca Viva Pty Ltd from Perth is its official distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

The series was shot in some of the most attractive locations in India: from high summits of Himalayas in the North across desert fortresses of Rajasthan, to the beaches and jungles in the Southern part of the country. The chosen locations are important pilgrimage places and holy cities for different religious communities. The series consists of 11 episodes, each 24 minutes.

The episodes will run from 9:00-9:30pm every Thursday from 14 June 2012 to 23 August 2012.

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